How Online Tutors Can Spark Innovation in Their Students

In the year 2019, everyone’s lives changed because of the global pandemic, Coronavirus (COVID 19). The world went into a complete lockdown resulting in a change in our lifestyles. Everything shifted to an online platform right from schools to work and life in general. We had to learn new skills and adapt to this new way of living.

It wasn’t easy to adapt to it in the beginning, but as times progressed, there have been some fantastic results. People figured out a way to continue with the activities of their previous lifestyle and incorporate them into their new life. There were several innovations, applications and methodologies that were developed to cope with this paradigm shift.

Online tutoring always existed even before the pandemic. Despite the changes brought in by the pandemic, there have been some very creative techniques employed by both tutors and students to add some flair into their schedule.



You want to be able to find an online platform that follows the structure of your school curriculum while helping you to think out of the box too. With such a driving force, you are bound to get innovative when you solve problems. An effective platform is one wherein they explain the problem to you and allow you to come up with your own creative ways to solve the question.


As a student, you need to incorporate creativity into your life. Copying off the internet or a classmate will not take you very far. Thus, your main aim as a student is to improve your skillset. This is possible to achieve if you try to attempt projects using your own unique approach. Any form of tuition acts as an aid which you use to supplement your school curriculum. You can expect the classical form of school studies to be very mundane and monotonous. Thus, tuitions help to get a break from that routine.

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